2007 AMUG

2007 AMUG

The 2007 meeting of the AMUG took place at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas, NV from May 1 through May 3.

The agenda included:

  • the status of ANSI, ISO, and IEC standards relating to air monitoring
  • status of the new ANSI radon standards
  • revision of ANSI N320
  • status of the new textbook on sampling airborne radioactivity,
  • many technical presentations by experts in the air monitoring field,
  • presentations by the major air monitoring equipment and services providers, and
  • the planning of future AMUG meetings.

General and specific topics related to the use of air monitoring and air sampling in the workplace, in effluent, in the environment, and during and following emergency conditions were also discussed.

The meeting was a resounding success with nearly twice our normal attendance.

The AMUG membership voted to have next year's AMUG meeting either at the Palace Station Hotel or a possible meeting location at the EPA offices in Las Vegas or at UNLV.  The membership voted to have the 2008 meeting this same time of year.  The specific dates, locations, and agenda will be posted on the AMUG website as that information becomes available.  Please submit you ideas for presentations to Morgan Cox for his consideration.


Peak Shape Fitting - Bladewerx

Download AMUG-2007-05-Bladewerx-Peak-Shape Fitting.pdf

Bowser Morner Overview

Download AMUG-2007-05-Bowser Morner-Overview.pdf

Radon Reference Facility - Bowser Morner

Download AMUG-2007-05-Bowser Morner-Radon Reference Facility.pdf

Canberra Presentation

Download AMUG-2007-05-Canberra.pdf

NRC Regs and Standards - Cynthia Jones

Download AMUG-2007-05-Cynthia Jones-Regs and Standards.pdf

F&J Specialty Presentation

Download AMUG-2007-05-FJ Specialty.pdf

Fluke Presentation

Download AMUG-2007-05-Fluke RMS.pdf

GA RadNet Presentation

Download AMUG-2007-05-General Atomics-RADNet.pdf

WIPP iCAM Interface

Download AMUG-2007-05-HC Chiou-WIPP iCAM Interface to CMR.pdf

WIPP Air Sampling Probe

Download AMUG-2007-05-HC Chiou-WIPP Probe Opening.pdf

ANSI N13.56 Update

Download AMUG-2007-05-Jeff Whicker-ANSI N13.56 Update.pdf

LLD Practical Aspects

Download AMUG-2007-05-John Rodgers-LLD Practical Aspects.pdf

Lab Impex Presentation

Download AMUG-2007-05-Lab Impex.pdf

Air Sampling Handbook - Maiello

Download AMUG-2007-05-Mark Maiello-Rad Air Sampling Methods Hdbk Update.pdf

MGPI Presentation

Download AMUG-2007-05-MGPI.pdf

ANSI & IEC STDs Update - M. Cox

Download AMUG-2007-05-Morgan Cox-ANSI&IEC AIRMONSTANDARDS.pdf

Bladewerx Aerosol Collection - M. Moore

Download AMUG-2007-05-Murray Moore-for LA-UR-06-1861B-Aerosol Collection Test-Bladewerx.pdf

Three Velocity Tunnel - M. Moore

Download AMUG-2007-05-Murray Moore-for LA-UR-07-2827-Three Velocity Tunnel.pdf

ANSI N42.51 Update - Phil Jenkins

Download AMUG-2007-05-Phil Jenkins-ANSI N42.51.pdf

Overhoff Presentation

Download AMUG-2007-05-Technical Associates-Overhoff products.pdf

Technical Associates Presentation

Download AMUG-2007-05-Technical Associates-Overview.pdf

Thermo Presentation

Download AMUG-2007-05-Thermo-Portables-Cannon.pdf

Thermo Update

Download AMUG-2007-05-Thermo-Update-Sawyer.pdf

Radon Progeny Standard Update - T. Kendrick

Download AMUG-2007-05-Tom Kendrick-Radon Progeny Standards Update.pdf

LA-UR-06-1861 - M. Moore

Download LA-UR-06-1861B_Aerosol Collection of the_Bladewerx BZM_and_Sabre.pdf

LA-UR-06-3199 - M. Moore

Download LA-UR-06-3199_ECAM Collection Efficiency_Report to Aquila.pdf

LA-UR-07-2827 - M. Moore


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