2009 AMUG

                                                                    21st Annual AMUG Meeting

The 21st annual meeting of the Air Monitoring Users Group (AMUG) was held at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas on 5-7 May 2009. The meeting was attended by more than forty delegates including fourteen manufacturers (see the participants listed at the end of this report). The genesis of the AMUG was a confluence of US Department of Energy contractors, & has grown to include other government agencies such as the USEPA, the USNRC, USDHS, nuclear power representatives, plus private industry & manufacturing companies involved in radioactive air sampling and monitoring.

The AMUG provides air monitoring practitioners with a forum to exchange relevant information, discuss mutual issues and problems, and to develop sound technical and unified, consensus strategies for air monitoring practices and regulator compliance.

In conjunction with and just prior to the AMUG meeting two standards committees meetings were held: 1) ANSI N320 (revision) for nuclear reactgor accident and post-accident monitoring systems and instruments, and 2) ANSI N42.50 for radon progeny monitoring instruments. Both of these standards were thoroughly reviewed and discussed by quorum membership of the respective membership of the respective committees. ANSI N320 is chaired by Tim Martinson and ANSI N42.50 is co-chaired by Rob Hayes and Tom Kendrick. Interested parties wanting additional informal on the status of these developments should directly contact the respective standards chairs.

The meeting featured the third of the Mark D. Hoover/George J. Newton awards for outstanding & continuing contributions to the technology of radioactive aerosol measurements. This year the award was presented to Jeff Whicker of Los Alamos National Lab. Jeff is one of the founders of the AMUG and recently successfully chaired the publication of ANSI N13.56 for workplace air sampling. (see photo)

The meeting consisted of 23 technical presentations and roundtable discussions, with 13 presentations by the manufacturers. The technical presentations are listed by author and topic. Topics included: 1) a presentation ofn the status of the worldwide expansion of nuclear power; 2) a summary of the status of radioactivity air sampling and monitoring standards, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and International Organization for Standards (ISO); and 3) a summary of the new IEC standard for tritium monitoring at all locations.

There were many excellent technical presentations. These include:
1) Nuclear power expansion worldwide - Ted Quinn
2) Rountable discussion of air monitoring standards, ANSI, IEC, & ISO - Morgan Cox, SEC
3) IEC 62303, the published tritium standard - Alfred Klett, Berthold, Germany
4) Contemporary NRC issues - Cyndi Jones, USNRC
5) Important D&D issues - Arthur Desrosiers, SEC
6) Air sampling & monitoring via unmanned aerial vehicles - Eric Newton, Honeywell
7) Isokinetic sampling in stacks - Scott Colby, Perma-Fix
8) Radon/progeny chamber - Phil Jenkins, Bowser-Morner
9) ANSI N42.50 Radon progeny standard - Rob Hayes, WIPP
10) Performance of several air monitors - Rob Hayes
11) Air monitoring at PET centers - Alfred Klett
12) Status of the textbook on air sampling - M. Cox for Mark Maiello
13) Air monitoring Pu for public protection - Bill Eisele, LANL
14) Data acquisition & web display software - Orval Hart, LANL
15) Retrospective air sampling at Argonne National Lab - Charlotte Sholeen, ANL
16) Dynamic radioactive particle source - Murray Moore, LANL
17) ANSI N320 Reactor emergency monitoring - Tim Martinson, Canberra
18) In-field analysis of retrospective workploace air sampling - Dennis Hadlock, Washington Savannah River
19) Community Environmental Monitoring Program (CEMP) - Ted Hartwell, Desert Research Institute (DRI)
20) Related radiobiology - Steve Curtis, DRI
21) ANSI N13.56 - Jeff Whicker, LANL
22) Radon monitoring at Yucca Mountain - Rahim Ghanooni, WCS

The particpants in the 2009 AMUG meeting listed by organization were:
Aerotomics - Brad Durmmond
Argonne National Lab - Charlotte Sholeen
Berthold Germany - Alfred Klett
B&W Y-12 - Randy Redmond
Bladewerx - Dave Baltz & John Mauldin
Bowser-Morner - Phil Jenkins
Canberra - Tim Martinson & Lee Reagan
Desert Research Institute - Ted Hartwell & Steve Curtis
Eichrom - Terry O'Brien
F&J - Frank Gavila
Hi-Q - Scott Owen
Honeywell - Eric Newton
In-Tox - Larry Bowen, Sr
Lab Impex - Jeff Rivers & Jeff Sawyer
Los Alamos National Lab - Jim Bland, Murray Moore, Tom Voss, & Jeff Whicker
MGPI - Mike Edelman
Millipore - Hsiao-Lan Chang
Mirion Technology - Tom O'Malley
Nevada Test Site - Bill Lee
National Security Technologies - Jeff Smith & Ed Wilkes
NVOO/DOE - Charlottte Carter
Perma-Fix - Scott Colby
Protean Instruments - Darrel Scoggins
Sandia National Lab - Martin Brennan
SEC - Morgan Cox & Arthur Desrosiers
Technical Associates/Overhoff - Bob Goldstein, Gary Spears, & Vonise Shoemaker
Thermo-Fisher - Denny Cannon & Mike Iwatschenko
Washington Savannah River - Dennis Hadlock
Washington TRU (WIPP) - Jackie Davis
WCS - Rahin Ghanooni

The next or (22nd) annual meeting of the AMUG is tentatively scheduled to convene at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas on 4, 6, & 7 May 2010 with relevant standards meetings convening on 3 May 2010. Charlotte Carter of the DOE has graciously offered to hostess a tour of the Nevada Test Site on 5 May 2010. All interested parties including researchers, manufacturers, applied scientists, and regualtors are invited to participate. Formal announcements of the mmeting are expected to be published in the Health Physics Society Newsletter in early 2010.

In the attached photo the caption should read: Jeff Whicker is presented the Hoover-Newton award by session chair Arthur Desrosiers. The award represents the many contributions that Jeff Whicker has made to the practice, science, and technology of radioactive air sampling and monitoring.

The AMUG met for one evening during the annual HPS meeting which was July 12 - 16, 2009 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Go to WWW.HPS.ORG for information on this meeting.

Joint AMUG and HPIC Proposal


ANSI N42.50 Update

Download 42.50 AMUG.pdf

Morgan's AMUG Reminders

Download 2009 AMUG reminders.pdf

Air Monitoring for PET

Download Air Monitoring PET Centers Dr. Alfred Klett.pdf

Air Sampling Textbook Update

Download Air Sampling Methods Textbook Maiello.pdf

ALARA Assessment

Download ALARA Assessment Lit.pdf

ANSI N13.56 Update

Download AMUG09-ANSIN13.56.pdf

Bridging Indoor and Outdoor Air Sampling

Download AMUG 09 Bridging Indoor and Outdoor Air sampling.pdf

ANSI N42.50 Update

Download AMUG 2009 Jenkins Presentation.pdf

Millipore Presentation

Download AMUG 2009 Millipore.pdf

ISO-2889 Update

Download AMUG 2009 Revision of ISO-2889.pdf

Retrospective Air Sampling at Argonne

Download AMUG Argonne National Lab Charlotte.pdf

DRI Community Environmental Monitoring

Download AMUG CMEG 2009 DRI Community Environmental Monitoring Program.pdf

LANL E-CAM Presentation

Download AMUG LANL ECAM Presentation.pdf

DRI Radiation Effects Presentation

Download AMUG Radiation Effects DRI Steve Curtis.pdf

Small UAVs - Eric Newton

Download AMUG Small UAV Eric Newton.pdf

Test Plan for iSolo and SabreASC

Download AMUG-Test plan for the iSolo and SabreASC.pdf

Eichrom Resolve Filter Media

Download AN401_Resolve_Filter.pdf

Determination of Thorium in High Purity Aluminum

Download AN502_Thorium_Aluminum.pdf

Strontium Isotope Residual Salt Analysis

Download AN503_SrRSA.pdf

Beryllium Analysis

Download AN602_Beryllium.pdf

Impurities in U, Pu, and Mixed Oxides

Download AN603_impurities_U_Pu.pdf

ANSI N320 Update

Download ANSI N320 at AMUG 2009.pdf

Dioxin in Incinerator Ash

Download AP501_incinerator_ash.pdf

Canberra CAM Presentation

Download Canberra 2009 AMUG CAM.pdf

Canberra Alpha Beta Sample Counter

Download Canberra Alpha Beta Sample Counters.pdf

(DREAM) Direct Reading Exposure Assessment Methods

Download Direct Reading Exposure Assment Methods update.pdf

Effluent Sampling for Tritium and Carbon-14

Download Effluent Air Sampling for Tritium and Carbon-14 Maiello.pdf

Eichrom PTFE Filter Media

Download Eichrom Resolve PTFE AMUG09.pdf

F&J Emergency Response Air Sampling

Download Emergency Response Air Sampling System.pdf

Dennis Hadlock - Field Air Sample Calculations

Download Field Air Sample Calculations Dennis Hadlock.pdf

Hi-Q Presentation

Download HI-Q 20090501.pdf

IEC62303 Tritium Standard Update

Download IEC62303 Tritium Dr. Alfred Klett.pdf

Arthur Desrosiers - Important D&D Issues

Download Important D&D Issues.pdf

Into the Wilds of Alpha Spectroscopy

Download Into the wilds of Alpha Spectroscopy 20090504.pdf

CsCl Sources Update - Cyndi Jones

Download Jones CsCl update AMUG 09.pdf

New Nuclear Reactors Update - Cyndi Jones

Download Jones New Reactor update AMUG 09.pdf

Modeling Isokinetic Stack Sampling Methods

Download Modeling Isokinetic.pdf

Protean Instruments Presentation

Download Protean AMUG May 2009.pdf

Thermo Fisher Presentation

Download Thermo-AMUG-2009.pdf

Yucca Mountain Project

Download Yucca Mountain Project Radon Presentation AMUG 2009 (Rahim).pdf

Atmospheric Tests Video - 11 MB

Download atmospheric tests.mpg

Dynamic Radioactive Particle Source

Download AMUG-2009 - Dynamic Rad Particle Source_LAUR-09-02686.ppt

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