2010 AMUG

2010 AMUG

The 2010 meeting of the AMUG took place at the
Palace Station Hotel in
Las Vegas, NV on May 4
through 7.  A tour of the Nevada Test Site took

place on May 5.  On May 3 ANSI standards
committees met to discuss N42.320 and N42.50.

Aerosol Wind Tunnel

Download Aerosol Engineering Facility Wind Tunnel at LANL, Murray Moore.pdf

AMUG Strategic Planning

Download AMUG Strategic Planning, Mark Hoover.pdf

N323 Calibration Standard

Download ANSI N323 Calibration Standard for Portable Radiological Instruments, Ed Walker.pdf

NUREG 1400

Download Application of Nureg 1400 to Determine Air Monitoring Requirements, Martin Brennan.pdf

Basis for Differential Mode

Download Basis for Differential Mode in Alpha CAMs, Tom McLean.pdf

Using a Stable Radioisotope

Download Benefits of Using a Stable Radioisotope for Calibrations, Thermo Fisher.pdf

Canberra's Latest CAM Developments

Download Canberra's Latest CAM Developments - James Forde-Johnston.pdf

CO-2 Decontamination

Download CO-2 Decontamination, Rahim Ghanooni.pdf

Community Environmental Monitoring Program

Download Community Environmental Monitoring Program, Ted Hartwell.pdf

Contemporary Air Monitoring Standards

Download Contemporary Air Monitoring Standards 2010, Morgan Cox.pdf

Development of IMS Samplers

Download Development of IMS Samplers, Yung Sung Cheng.pdf

Filtration - Millipore

Download Filtration - The Effects of Filters in Air and Liquid Monitoring, Millipore - Lisa Morrill.pdf

Fluke Biomedical Presentation

Download FLUKE Biomedical Power Systems Group Overview.pdf

HPS 2010 Annual AMUG Session

Download HPS 2010 AMUG Session, Morgan Cox.pdf

Lab Impex Presentation

Download Laboratory Impex Systems, Jeff Sawyer and Jeff Rivers.pdf

LANL Experience with the NetCAM

Download LANL Experience with the Canberra NetCAM, Tom McLean.pdf

Measurement of Tritium in Helium

Download Measurement of Tritium in Helium, Alfred Klett.pdf

Miniature PI-SWERL

Download Miniature PI-SWERL, Vic Etyemezian.pdf

MI-RMS Website

Download MI-RMS Website and Forum.pdf

N42.50 Measuring Radon Progeny

Download N42.50 Performance Specifications for Instrumentation  Systems Designed to Measure Radon Progeny in Air, Rob Hayes.pdf

NEW NPP Worldwide Construction

Download New Nuclear Power Plant Construction Worldwide, Ted Quinn.pdf

Pluto-Phoenix at the NTS

Download Pluto-Phoenix Facility at the NTS.pdf

Preparation of Demolition

Download Preparation of Demolition of Example Facility, Arthur Desrosiers.pdf

Protean Instrument Corp Overview

Download Protean Instrument Corporation Overview, Darrell Scoggins.pdf

Radon Reference Facility

Download Radon Reference Facility at Bowser-Morner, Phil Jenkins.pdf

Ramifications of New DAC Values

Download Ramifications of New DAC Values on CAM Sensitivity, Alan Justus.pdf

Real Time CAM for Pu-239

Download Real Time Continuous Air Monitoring of Pu-239, Orval Hart.pdf

SRNS Central Counting Facility

Download SRNS Central Counting Facility, Past - Present - Future, Joey Smiley.pdf

Thermo Alpha 7 CAM Update

Download Thermo Alpha7A-L CAM Update, Scott Lamb.pdf

WIPP Air Monitoring

Download WIPP air monitoring measurements with the iSolo, Bladewerx ASC and the Alpha-7 CAMs, Rob Hayes.pdf

WIPP Today

Download WIPP Today, Rob Hayes.pdf

Atmospheric Tests at NTS

Download atmospheric tests.mpg

Sedan Test at NTS

Download sedan.04.mpg

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